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Replacing a Dryer Vent Hood

A dryer vent hood directs the hot air and lint from the dryer duct as it leaves the home. The hoods may become cracked or broken, and need to be replaced periodically.

Remove the Old Hood

Dryer vent hoods are generally connected to the exterior wall of the home. Check the old hood for the type of screw that was used in its installation... read more >>

Keeping Your Dryer Vent Mouse Proof

It is important to keep mice out of your home for safety and sanitary reasons, and one of the main entry points for mice is through your dryer vent. To prevent mice or other pests from entering your home, learn how to properly mouse proof your vent. Below you will find a basic guide to keeping mice from climbing into your laundry room.

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Problems with a Dryer Vent in the Garage

Using a dryer vent in a garage can cause a lot of problems, which you should be aware of before installing a vent in your garage. However, not venting the hot air which is produced by the dryer can also cause problems, so must install one in your home or outside garage. Fitting the vent to the outside wall is the best way of ensuring... read more >>

Reconnecting an In-Wall Disconnected Dryer Vent

Reconnecting an in-wall dryer vent can be a bit of a chore due to the lack of access to the interior space. A secure, consistent connection is imperative to minimize the fire hazard of a dryer vent and maximize the efficiency of the dryer. There are 3 types of dryer vent pipes: rigid aluminum, flexible aluminum and vinyl piping. Vinyl... read more >>

Replacing a Dryer Vent Filter

A clogged dryer vent filter will make it harder for your dryer to work efficiently. Fortunately, replacing an old dryer vent filter is very easy and you can even do this in just 15 minutes or less. Follow the simple instructions below to change your old dryer vent filter at home.

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